CMJJ 2020 Winter Camp

Delve into the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the CMJJ 2020 Winter Camp video collection. Relive the intensive training experience led by the legendary BJJ master himself, designed to refine your technique, strategy, and mental resilience. It's an essential resource for serious martial arts enthusiasts.

Expand your martial arts knowledge from the comfort of your home

From refining technical executions to enhancing mental agility, these recordings encapsulate the profound, transformative experience that participants had at the camp.

What will you learn from CMJJ 2020 Winter Camp?

Day 1

  • Switching Directions
  • Choking Without The Neck
  • Lasso Exercise
  • Going Low For The Sweep
  • Knee The Wrist
  • Hip Exercise
  • Using Your Shoulder
  • West South East
  • Grinding And Hiding
  • The Hook Flip
  • Hook Flip Options
  • Adding Head Motion
  • Taking The Back
  • Controlling The Hip
  • Head Control
  • Knee Ride Pass Detail
  • Passing With The Shoulders
  • Untying The Knot
  • Tilting Your Head Controlling The Leg
  • Dealing With Longer Legs
  • Investigating Concepts
  • X Choke Swim Drill
  • X-Choke Micro Mechanics
  • Sweet Spot Sweep Drill
  • Precision Drill
  • Precision Drill 2
  • Destabilize The Opponent

Day 2

  • Spider Guard Review
  • Hook Flip Review
  • Hook Flip Micro Mechanics
  • Windshield The Legs
  • Hook Micro Mechanics
  • Taking The Back
  • Standing Transition
  • Making It Easier
  • Hook Flip With Sleeve Control
  • Pressure With The Knee
  • Pressure Micro Mechanics
  • Tilt And Roll
  • Mechanics For The Lasso
  • Breaking The Lasso
  • Breaking The Lasso Detail
  • Easy Armbar
  • Chest Roll
  • Mount Exercise
  • Simple Mount Exercise
  • Surviving The Bottom
  • The Upa I Wish I Knew
  • Beating A Posted Leg
  • Smother Grip Break
  • Guard Passing

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