Lapel Mastery Encyclopedia

Dive into the art of lapel jiu-jitsu with our comprehensive course, "The Complete Lapel Mastery Encyclopedia". Far from being a mere collection of random techniques, this encyclopedia provides an intricate and meticulously crafted system of lapel trapping, control, and submission from the guard position. With over 125 unique techniques spanning more than 10 hours of content, learners will be exposed to a revolutionary LAPEL SYSTEM, the result of extensive research, development, and real-time application in live training scenarios.

Master Lapel From Foundational Techniques to Strategic Dominance in BJJ

Drawing inspiration from the notion that our lapels, both ours and our opponent's, act as additional limbs bestowed upon us, this course imparts the knowledge to use these 'extra arms' in the most creative and systematic manner. Perfectly tailored for white and blue belts, the techniques are lethal when executed by upper belts (purple and up). Discover the latest in lapel submission technology, mastering BJJ as a strategic game of chess, not the simplistic motions of checkers. With a blend of unique submissions, foundational concepts, and strategic insights, you'll not only enhance your skill set but also gain a competitive edge, making your opponents rue the day they faced you on the mats. Join us on this enlightening journey where learning meets enjoyment, giving you the tools to dominate and delight!

What will you learn from Lapel Mastery Encyclopedia?

You'll Learn the Art of Lapel Dominance

  • 125+ Techniques
  • Over 10 Hours Of Content!
  • Ideal for WHITE and BLUE BELTS
  • Deadly in the Hands of UPPER BELTS Purple and UP!
  • The Most Unique Lapel Submissions Ever from Guard
  • Dozens of Concepts to Learn & Study
  • This is the Latest Lapel Submission Technology
  • Learn Chess BJJ, NOT Checkers!
  • Gain a Truly Unfair Advantage Over Everybody
  • You will Learn, Laugh & Make Them Cry!

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