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Build your skills on a solid base, where every move roots deeper into mastery.

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Master Carlos Machado
Legacy of Excellence

Discover the philosophy and technical brilliance of Master Carlos Machado, a figure synonymous with the highest standards of martial arts excellence. His teachings extend beyond techniques, fostering respect, discipline, and continuous improvement.

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Unlock the essence of BJJ with our Free Student Method Subscription. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned practitioner, this subscription is your gateway to a deeper understanding and appreciation of BJJ, at no cost.

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The Machado Method®

The Machado Method of teaching Brazilian Jiujitsu has been developed by Master Carlos Machado over the last 50 years to provide the best blueprint for long term teaching success. This means incorporating Warm Ups, Solo-Drills, Partner Drills and Flow Rolling to create the most complete students from white belts to black belts. There are no gaps with the Machado Method.

Complete Curriculum Cycles

As part of the Machado Method curriculum cycles, each month Master Machado provides full curriculum for Adults, Kids, No-Gi, Gi , and Self Defense while giving you the ability to add the techniques that you find valuable at the same time. Each cycle includes full video covering the process concept , and extensions of all techniques. We also have professors note cards containing written instructions for all techniques.

Rank Certification & Standards

As part of the Machado Method curriculum we have full ranking standards for all belt levels from the white belt to the black belt and every degree in between. This means there is no more guesswork on what your students should know and if they are up to the Machado standards!

Business Systems

Our team is dedicated to your success and that means leveling up your skills on AND off the mat. With a library of our best practice documents, you will have all the tools and standard operating procedures necessary to run your martial arts school. From waivers to advertising methods, and sales, our library of business systems will help your school thrive.

Fall Training Camp

Fall Training Camp

Fall Training Camp

Fall Training Camp

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