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Through expert curriculum and mentorship, we empower your gym to cultivate skillful grapplers and drive growth.

At Master Carlos Machado BJJ, we provide a systematic approach to teaching, regular lessons, comprehensive management solutions, and enriching community events, transforming your academy into a thriving hub of martial arts mastery.

CMJJ Academies & Affiliates have seen

Increased Enrollment Rates

Higher Retention Rates

Improved Instructor Skillsets

One of the main problems a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) academy experiences is student retention.

We believe you deserve a flourishing academy where every student feels the drive to learn and every staff member is motivated to teach

Partnering with Master Carlos Machado BJJ means embracing unrivaled BJJ proficiency and successful academy management expertise

We understand your problem because Master Carlos Machado himself has navigated the challenges of establishing and managing successful BJJ academies. He has firsthand experience with the trials and tribulations you may encounter and has crafted solutions.

You can trust us because of Master Carlos Machado’s proven track record in the industry. With decades of experience, a legacy in BJJ, and a multitude of thriving academies, Master Carlos’s guidance is both practical and tested. This level of dedication and commitment ensures that the advice you receive is grounded in real-world success and designed to help your academy prosper.



Learn, Grow, and Connect

Expert Guidance & Continuous Learning

With decades of experience in BJJ and running academies, Master Carlos Machado provides invaluable guidance to gym owners, helping them grow their businesses effectively. His systematic approach ensures a consistent and high-quality learning experience, fostering student satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, regular seminars and monthly lessons keep gym owners and their teams up-to-date with the latest techniques and teaching methodologies in BJJ, making learning an ongoing journey.

Comprehensive Business Management & Professional Development

Master Carlos Machado BJJ goes beyond teaching martial arts. The association offers extensive resources for business management, from financial tools to weekly mentorship calls. This comprehensive support system helps gym owners navigate their businesses more effectively. Furthermore, it addresses broader professional development topics like money management and efficient gym operation, significantly enhancing the gym owners’ skills.

Community Building, Marketing Support & Retention Tools

Master Carlos Machado BJJ provides a platform for community building through bi-annual affiliate events, regional and national tournaments, and annual retreats. These gatherings foster a supportive network, allowing gym owners to share challenges and solutions collectively. The association also aids in promoting your gym through branded gear and connection with a respected name in BJJ, increasing market visibility and credibility. Finally, high-quality training materials and structured BJJ programs serve as effective tools to boost student retention rates, enhancing the overall success of your gym.

Work with us

Working with Master Carlos Machado BJJ Association addresses gym owner problems in several ways

Expert Guidance​

Decades of experience in both BJJ and successfully running academies. This combination of expertise enables him to provide invaluable guidance to gym owners, helping them avoid common pitfalls.

Structured Learning​

The systematic approach of Master Carlos Machado's BJJ teaching methodology ensures a consistent and high-quality learning experience for your students, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Business Tools

From financial management tools to weekly mentorship calls, Master Carlos Machado BJJ provides gym owners with comprehensive resources to manage their business effectively.

Weekly Calls

The weekly zoom calls and networking events offer a platform for gym owners to discuss common challenges, share ideas, and come up with collective solutions, fostering a supportive community.

Marketing Resources

The Master Carlos Machado BJJ association aids in promoting your gym through branded gear and association with a respected name in the BJJ world. This connection can significantly enhance your gym's market visibility and credibility.

Continuous Learning

With regular seminars and lessons every month, gym owners and their teams are always learning and improving, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and teaching methodologies in BJJ.

Professional Skills

Master Carlos Machado BJJ association goes beyond just BJJ teaching and includes topics like money management and effective gym operation, helping gym owners enhance their professional skills.


Bi-annual affiliate events, regional and national tournaments, and annual retreat. You're not alone you'll meet several gym owners striving for mastery in BJJ.

Retention Tools

By providing high-quality training materials and structured BJJ programs, gym owners can offer their students an engaging learning experience that can boost student retention rates.

Why The Machado Method

Choosing to partner with Master Carlos Machado BJJ means you’re choosing a unique blend of extensive expertise in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and successful academy management. The resources you gain access to extend beyond just martial arts teaching, covering all aspects of running a prosperous academy. This includes tools for financial management, regular mentorship calls, access to a network of fellow academy owners, opportunities for participating in tournaments, and much more. These benefits are designed not only to help your academy grow, but also to build a lasting legacy in the BJJ community.

Complete Curriculum Cycles and Video Library

Whether you are a novice instructor or a seasoned black belt, you will be amazed by the way curriculum is delivered by Master Carlos. Each Lesson covers everything from warm-ups, techniques and drills all broken down step-by-step details for all your gi and no-gi programs PLUS age specific children’s curriculum. You also get access to past months lessons.

All of this combined with our extensive video library will revolutionize how fast and how well your students learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The Machado Difference

Real Stories from Our BJJ Family

Association Membership

Association Members retain the current name of their academy and 100% control of the way the business operates.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Curriculum Cycles
  • Mat Management™
  • Rank Certification
  • Ranking System
  • Testing Procedures

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