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CMJJ Fundamentals

The CMJJ Fundamentals course is the official White to Blue belt curriculum for the affiliates. The curriculum consists of 142 techniques that are taught over 90 lessons in a 30-week period. These techniques cover all aspects of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, from basic striking and striking defenses to clinches, takedowns, standing self-defenses, and, of course, ground grappling. […]

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Basic Instructor Course

Welcome to the CMJJ Association’s Basic Instructors Course! We’re thrilled to have you embark on this transformative online journey with us. As you navigate through the course, you’ll dive deep into the fundamentals of CMJJ, sharpening your skills and preparing to inspire future enthusiasts. Embrace this learning experience, and remember: every great instructor once started […]

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The Lapel Mastery Encyclopedia

The Complete Lapel Mastery Encyclopedia – Lapel Domination from Closed Guard This lapel mastery encyclopedia is an intricate and very thorough Lapel trapping, control and submission SYSTEM.  This is NOT just random moves thrown together like most instructionals released are nowadays. I have put forth an insane amount of time and energy designing, building, refining and […]

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Fall 2022 Training Weekend

Checkout some of the best segments from the Fall 2022 CMJJ Training Weekend

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