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Classic Machado Training

“Classic Machado Training” is a meticulously crafted course by the esteemed Master Carlos Machado, designed to immerse students in the depth and richness of martial arts. This expansive program encapsulates the essence of Master Machado’s teachings, offering an unparalleled journey through the world of martial arts for students of all levels.

Course Overview:

  • New Comer Lessons: Start your journey with 166 lessons tailored for beginners, focusing on fundamental techniques and principles to build a strong martial arts foundation.
  • Classic Warm-Ups: Engage in 166 lessons of time-honored warm-up routines, crucial for preparing your body and mind for the rigors of martial arts training.
  • Solo Drills (333 Lessons): Dive into a comprehensive collection of solo drills, perfect for honing your skills and improving your physical conditioning, even in solo practice.
  • Partner Drills (391 Lessons): Experience the dynamics of martial arts with partner drills. These lessons emphasize real-world application, timing, and coordination, essential for practical mastery.
  • Old School Curriculum (474 Lessons): Explore the traditional roots of martial arts with 474 lessons dedicated to the old-school curriculum, blending classic techniques with the timeless wisdom of Master Machado.

The “Classic Machado Training” course is more than just a series of lessons; it’s a transformative experience that nurtures your physical abilities, mental acuity, and spiritual growth. Master Carlos Machado’s expert guidance ensures that each lesson is not only informative but also inspiring. Embark on this comprehensive martial arts journey and embrace the legacy of Master Carlos Machado.